The girl behind the brand...

It started out as the impulsive idea of a fourteen-year-old. With only the most basic sewing skills in her arsenal but a desire to fill a gaping hole in her closet, Hannah Everly’s eponymous fashion line was launched. She knew what she lacked: modest, affordable skirts that were actually cheerful and cute. And if she lacked them, others must have been lacking them as well -- right? She struck a chord in the fashion community and her brand took off.
Since 2012, Hannah Everly has expanded beyond her original wrap bow skirt design to include skirts, tops and even dresses in a myriad of designs and patterns. She has outfitted wedding parties, sororities, fashion bloggers, and even mommy-daughter pairs. Her work has been featured on the Etsy page, worn by many fashion bloggers, and in numerous magazines. 
When she’s not sewing in her colorful studio, Hannah holds an affinity for consuming chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, cuddling her ancient (but cute) cat Emma, dancing til her feet hurt, and worshipping her Heavenly Father with family and friends. She’s probably (definitely) listening to Hilary Duff or Justin Bieber at this very moment, but she’ll respond to emails and messages as soon as she takes a break to rest her voice. She takes lip syncing very seriously.